Marketing Strategy

You may be a large company with your own marketing department, or you may be a smaller business with a small sales team. Either way we can assist you!

Larger Businesses

For the larger company who has the ability and expertise to develop its own marketing strategy, we can offer a full design, artwork, print management service. Developing a written brief for a given project, preparing proposals and, with your agreement, implementing the project. Be it product or sales literature, exhibitions, product packaging, corporate identity, art direction & photography, web site development, etc. TMP can act as an objective sounding board on your ideas and a project co-ordinator.

Smaller Businesses

However, if you are smaller business, we can do all of the above but additionally we can discuss your business with you objectively – as an outsider, and work with you to develop a comprehensive and realistically attainable Marketing Plan. Once the plan has been agreed in principal a full budget plan can be prepared.

Bringing to your business a level of expertise you may not have had access to in the past.